What is Your Travel Style?

You’re unique and so is the way you like to travel. While some may find solace relaxing on the beach on a sunny day, others may be rejuvenated with a hike through a lush wooded forest or reconnecting with friends and family over dinner. The Canadian Tourism Commission has created an Explorer Quotient to help match your personality and values to specific activities and attractions. Check out the different traveller types, and see if one sounds like you!


Cultural Explorer

As a cultural explorer, you are defined by your love of experiences. You are most in your element when you have completely immersed yourself in a new place. Cultural explorers tend to seek out rustic outdoor adventures. You should make time to take in the local charm and discover the natural beauty of Sooke, by visiting Sooke Potholes Regional Park. This hidden treasure is tucked along the Sooke River and is hope to cavernous polished rock pools as well as a number of beautiful trails that can accommodate any skill level.


Free-Spirit Traveller

You’re adventurous and want to experience all that Sooke has to offer. As a Free-Spirit Traveller, your enthusiasm for life extends to your outlook on travel. You prefer letting each day happen spontaneously as opposed to having an itinerary planned. When visiting Sooke, you should embark on a whale-watching marine tour. Experience the glory of the open water as you get up close and personal with majestic marine life.


Authentic Explorer

As an Authentic Explorer, you tend to seek out palpable experiences. This means that you have a keen interest in the history of places you visit and seek out to learn more about the community. If you prefer to plan out our holidays ahead of time, check out some of our sample itineraries, or seek out the softer side of adventure with a visit to the Sooke Museum. With a collection of early artifacts, the museum offers a number of heritage buildings used by settlers when they first came into the area.


No-Hassle Traveller

As a No-Hassle Traveller, you typically seek out worry-free and secure travel. You look for simplicity, relaxation and a chance to explore the great outdoors. When visiting Sooke, we recommend enjoying a hike to see the century-old trees and local wildlife. Alternatively, you can hit the links and take in the intrinsic beauty of a well-manicured golf course, or enjoy a day at the beach with friends and family.

What is Your Travel Style?

Virtual Traveller

As a Virtual Traveller, you tend to typically stay close to home. You usually find enough to satisfy your sense of exploration within your own community. When visiting Sooke, we recommend that you savour the local charm and visit some of the local eateries in the area. If you happen to be visiting Sooke on a Saturday, consider stopping in at the Sooke Country Market which boasts fresh produce, plant starts, baked goods and a number of unique West Coast-inspired art.

What is Your Travel Style?

Gentle Explorer

As a Gentle Explorer, you like returning to past destinations as you enjoy familiarity with a sense of security. You tend to seek our places where you feel comfortable and avoid the ‘unknown.’ You enjoy well-organized travel packages and guided tours because it allows you to relax, have some fun and enjoy quality time with friends and family. When visiting Sooke, we recommend soaring through the hill and majestic west coast rainforests on a zipline adventure with, Adrenaline Zipline Adventure Tours.



As a Rejuvenator, you want to disconnect and ‘get away from it all.’ Your primary focus is to rest, recharge and renew. You usually take short vacations to familiar places. When visiting Sooke, we recommend spending time experiencing true serenity on the calm waters and scenic shoreline of the Sooke Basin. Kayaking is one of the best ways to relax and marvel at the various marine life.

What is Your Travel Style?

Whatever the reason you’re looking to get away is, Sooke Point Ocean Cottage Resort offers a number of accommodation options suitable for you. Contact us to learn more and book your stay.