Sooke Kayaking

Kayaking not only a killer workout but it also allows us to reconnect with nature.

If you are working towards your beach body this summer and don’t want to keep going to the same old boring gym anymore… Grab a kayak! It is a full body workout that not only engages your core and arms, but your legs are also integral for steering and keeping balance. The constant rotation back and forth will engage muscles that you may not have known existed. You can burn between 400-500 calories in just one hour of kayaking, so you may want to bring a snack from working up that kind of appetite.

This is a mind, body and soul kind of experience; one of the most common benefits correlated with kayaking is stress relief. So many of us go through life with our shoulders so tense that we carry them by our ears! Relax! Enjoy that lovely release of endorphins from the workout and smell the fresh ocean air. The swaying movement of the kayak rocking back and forth from the light waves along with the synchronized strokes from your paddle may be described as a meditation in motion for your body. Soak up the sights and leave your worries behind.

Out in the safe nook of the harbour is the perfect opportunity to spot seals, otters and sea lions.

If you aren’t driving over with a kayak on your roof rack or have one of those foldable boats that you can carry on a plane. Then visit Westcoast Outdoor Adventure and inquire with them about rentals. They have daily guided tours, from Sooke Harbour Resort’s Marina, where you can bring a friend or come on your own.

They also offer a special private tour for you and up to 5 of your friends. This is about a four hour tour where you will get to experience all the picturesque locations only a guide can show you. Keep an eye out for creatures of both land and sea, there is no guarantee but I hope you get the opportunity to spot some cute little faces that you don’t get to see in the city.

The beautiful scenery of the Sooke Harbour and Sooke Basin will leave a lasting impression.

Come book your stay at SookePoint and enjoy your perfect ocean side getaway.