A great way to help you plan your vacation to Sooke

Planning a trip to Sooke but you aren’t sure what to do or where to go? Below are a few sample itineraries to help and inspire your own itinerary. Be sure to also use our activities page and calendar of events as part of your planning! If you’d like more assistance or have questions please contact us.

Sooke Area Activities

Family Activities

Family Fun in and around Sooke!
Sooke is full of activities; from hiking and biking to skateboarding and shopping, the family will never forget the incredible vacation they had at SookePoint Ocean Cottage Resort.

SookePoint Ocean Cottage Resort

Foodie Activities

Dining in Sooke
Dining at new places can be one of the most exciting parts about vacation, but with so many restaurants around how do you decide? Sooke is a great place to be for a truly incredible dining experience. These are just a few of our favourites; there are many more wonderful places to dine in the area.


Rainy Day Activities

Rainy Days in Sooke are still fun!
No one likes the rain when they’re on vacation but these activities will lift your spirits and ensure that you have the best vacation possible.


Relaxed Paced Activities

Go Your Own Pace
If you prefer a relaxed-pace style of vacation, we’ve got you covered too. From kayaking and crabbing to bird watching and beer tasting, Sooke has everything to ensure you have the best vacation possible.