Hike The West Coast Trail

Have you thought about setting out on the trip of a lifetime? Hiking the West Coast Trail is a bucket list experience for hikers throughout the globe. Located on Vancouver Islands West Coast, this 75 km trail offers an unforgettable experience. Think deep sand, torrential rains, strong winds, river crossings, (LOTS of) ladders, and much more – it is a journey where every step is earned.

There are two options available: either a five-day journey headed south from Nitinaht Narrows to Gordon River, or three-days travelling north from Nitinaht Narrows to Pachena Bay.

Photo Courtesy of Parks Canada


The three-day journey is a 33km adventure through Tsusiat Falls, across a suspension bridge over Billy Goat Creek to Pachena Point Lighthouse. Though this may not be as long as the five-day journey, rest assure this is a full-body workout and can be extremely tough to trek through.

Photo Courtesy of Parks Canada


Head south for 42km along the Dare Shipwreck, have a light keeper welcome you into the lighthouse and share stories of the past whilst enjoying a spectacular view. On Day three you will hit the peak of the trail, not the highest point, but the most challenging. With mud, roots, a suspension bridge, and wooden ladders that you need to pull yourself and your equipment up. On day four you will see the sea caves at Owen Point, these caves are brightly coloured by an assortment of mineral deposits from both the rock and sea salt. On the final day, you will reach the “donkey engine” which is at the highest point of the trail.

Photo Courtesy of Parks Canada

Something to note before embarking on this journey: Both of these trails have the option to walk along the forest’s edge or the shoreline, this is always dependent on conditions as well as the tide. You can’t enter those sea caves if the tide is high! Please remember to bring some good footwear options suitable for the beach. As well as good quality hiking boots that have rubber bottoms, do not break in a new pair of boots since that could result in some bad blisters. For a list of suggestions on what to bring, click here.

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