East Sooke Regional Park

Just minutes from SookePoint Ocean Cottage Resort is the incredible East Sooke Regional Park where you can take a leisurely stroll or a ten kilometer hike and everything in between. There are three main entry points where you can park and spend the day exploring. There is something for everyone to enjoy in East Sooke Regional Park from picnics to coastal trails.

Aylard Farm to Becher Bay is perfect for the people looking for a nice picnic on the coast; this trail is 300 metres one-way. The smooth gravel and minimal slope makes it friendly for all skill levels, it may be short but you will still see the beautiful coastal forest environment and the old farmland makes for some great scenery. Make sure to bring your picnic baskets and set up at the picnic shelter where you will find amazing coastal views.

If you’re heading to Babbington Hill or Mount Maguire, Anderson Cove is the perfect starting point for your adventure. Be prepared for the steep and uneven terrain that you must work through in order to get to the hilltops. Atop the Olympic Peninsula you will be greeted by bald eagles, turkey vultures and red-tailed hawks.

You are sure to see marine life in its natural habit when you start at Pike Road, which just so happens to be the closest entrance to SookePoint Ocean Cottage Resort. The smooth gravel road and gradual slope will lead you down to Iron Mine Bay Beach. It is best to go during low-tide so that you will see purple sea-stars, goose-neck barnacles and periwinkles. These creatures are quite beautiful; but, they belong in the wild, please do not remove them.

The petroglyphs can be seen along Alldridge Point, these drawings carved into the rocks show evidence that the Coast Salish First Nations lived there hundreds of years ago. It is an incredible site, to see something that was created hundreds of years ago still standing. You will have to look closely to really see them as the carvings have endured wind, rain and snow for hundreds of years. Use caution along this trail as the rocks can be uneven and difficult to conquer.

The entire Coast Trail takes about eight hours to complete one-way; if you’re up for it you will enjoy spectacular ocean views and coastal trail. It is a difficult hike, recommended for experienced hikers looking for a challenge. The fresh ocean air combined with the views of wildlife and coastal forest will leave you feeling at peace with nature. It is a well-marked and fairly trafficked hike, as with all hikes make sure to be aware of the trail conditions before beginning.

East Sooke Regional Park is home to over 50 kilometres of trails, no matter who is in your group there will be a perfect place in the park. Spend your day in nature and then relax at your suite at SookePoint Ocean Cottage Resort, with the full length windows you will still feel like you are outside from the comfort of your living room. Book your stay today!